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In the coming week, as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year, remain spiritually alert while enjoying the holiday festivities. This request for awareness is not about submitting to fear, suspicion, or negativity. It is about remaining spiritually aware in a critical moment of history. 

While Satan and his minions are always at work, I am sensing something significant is afoot – something outside the norm of our past experience. These issues can slip under our spiritual radar while our attention is focused elsewhere. 

Keep your eyes on the Lord and be sensitive and obedient to the nudges of the Spirit to pray. Some of what you might be asked to pray might seem strange and without any foundation in human reasoning. Be faithful to pray those unusual prayers even if you do not understand fully why you are being asked to pray. The Lord will use your prayers, and the prayers of other aware believers, to accomplish His will in profound ways. Those prayers will become tools of intervention averting the works of darkness that were initiated under the assumption we would remain unaware and uninvolved.


  1. Just me

    Have you seen the news coming out of the middle east? Iran has *significant* activity around its nuclear sites. Mahdi-Al-Mashat was killed by Saudis… an act that will instigate retaliation by Iran. The shipment of drones to Iran and the Iranian Airforce Boeing 747 that landed in Syria this week??? Or the shipment of 1400 kalashnikov missles (Russian of course) seized by our 5th fleet…from a fishing vessel? Iran “great prophet 17” exercise using speedboats to launch missles?? Didnt see a report on the two rockets fired at the US embassy out of Syria last week either?? Iran is setting up to strike Israel.

    Russia tested a ballistic missle in the waters off Kamchatka, which is as close to American soil as they can get and still be Russia (its right by alaska)… not to mention Russias activity at the Ukraine border. Russias odd trip to India… there is alot brewing with Russia. Check overseas newspapers….

    China’s movements against Taiwan. Alot of “news” isn’t reaching American shores. And that’s not including Africa and India. There is some interesting stuff going on in Sudan…

    I saw in a dream YEARS ago a missile being launched by a Russian sub… but the missile never hit its target/detonated because our prayers reached it/disarmed it. There were alot of symbols in the dream I couldn’t interpret back then…because the actions/history wasn’t in place…

    Like dirty needles in a gutter.

    And a big city that wasn’t safe to be in because of riots.

    And a China enforced lockdown.

    And now Russia launched the missile.

    All of it was in this dream. I had no context in which to interpret it then.

    I do now. That corna virus shots nad lockdowns. The BLM riots. Russia literally launched the missile.

    I know we are standing in this moment of time to interceed like crazy over things that are brewing overseas. So much hangs in the balance of our prayers.

    We have to pray. That dream was a clear warning to interceed for this time period. Our prayers can and will change the outcome.

  2. M

    Praise the Lord! What a blessing when we are called to intercede with Him.

  3. Arlene Sarver

    I have been praying recently for “conscience activation” in officials and authorities over the last few weeks, This morning it evolved to “crisis of conscience” over heads of countries on a collision course with chaos. I have been interceding more and more over these last few years and will continue to expect God’s answers to be manifested in His timing. So much is being done and set up behind the scenes by Him that I am confidently expecting but knowing our prayers are vital to this. We are participants in His army, not spectators.

  4. John J Anderson II

    May we remember Justice with Mercy!


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