Awakened to Truth

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

There is a significant difference between being a “woke” follower of Jesus Christ and an awakened one. A woke person will someday awaken to a nightmare they too easily believed without discerning the long-term impact of their choices. An awakened believer becomes progressively more aware of the truth and wisdom of God in ways not possible when cultural groupthink was allowed to determine their value system instead of the truth of Scripture and the leading of the Spirit.

We all slumber in some way in our understanding of the fullness of truth. We are always in a learning posture in this area. In these learning situations, we will discover that mercy triumphs over judgment when spiritual delusion is afoot. People need an encounter with God to make a transition between being woke and awakened. That need should create a heart of mercy in us and fuel our prayers for those with whom we might disagree. We all need a personal awakening from time-to-time or we will continue to stumble in our perceived woke-ness until the truth is able to have its way awakening us to a greater reality.


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