Spiritual Battlefield Commissions

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

I watched a video where a national security consultant was being interviewed. The consultant made a comment that included the phrase “a kinetic state of war.” When pressed by the interviewer to clarify what he meant, the consultant remarked a kinetic state occurs “when the shooting starts.” While kinetic forces refer to what takes place in the physical realm, there is an application to matters of our faith. 

Jan and I were talking about the danger of a lukewarm faith, a faith that does not bridge the gap between thought and action. This is a faith that can appear gnostic in how it distances itself from the gritty realities of the surrounding world. It possesses theological and devotional aspects but thinks entering a cultural fray where faith becomes tangible action is somehow distasteful. 

A person under the influence of this delusion is afraid to call it like it is for fear the pews will be emptied or a business alliance might dissolve. It is a subtle compromise that if left unchecked will create disastrous outcomes in the lives of those who trust their leadership. A middle-of-the-road approach may appear magnanimous and wise in times of peace, but when Satan is at work initiating a full-on spiritual assault, that choice will cause a leader to be removed from a place of authority. Sadly, once behind the actual frontlines, some of those displaced leaders choose to lob insults and place shaming labels on the troops still engaged in the battle where they are offering blood and treasure for the cause of Christ.

James wrote about bridging the gap between a faith of thought and a faith of action, “ But are you willing to acknowledge, you foolish person, that faith without works is useless?” (James 2:20). Older translations use the word “dead” to describe a useless faith. James said it is foolish to believe we can live a life of faith insolated from realities of spiritual warfare being played out in the culture. One translator describes it as a faith that has breathed its last and has become dead. Dead soldiers are of little use on the frontlines of any conflict.

Those who have fallen prey to a position of neutrality in leadership are being removed from the front lines. Battlefield commissions are being offered by the Lord to those who have demonstrated the courage to confront the evil that is destroying lives without a challenge from the truth. This battlefield commissioning will bring new leadership to the battle who will help the Church turn their faith into a kinetic expression that will begin to shift the outcome of the current conflict.



    Exactly- we are called to be salt and light in a dark world. We are designed to be vessels of Truth to a despairing culture.

  2. John Anderson II

    The quote “no battle plan ever survives the first contact with the enemy” has been attributed to many ancient and modern warriors. It describes the kinetic nature of war.

    In Joshua 10, without any recorded prayer, God intervened in Israel’s war by casting stones from the sky. A dual miracle occurred: The stones DID hit the philistine warriors, killing them. The stones did NOT hit the Israelites, sparing them. Joshua then commanded the sun to stand still and continued the fight until all Philistines were defeated.

    How unexpected threats and opportunities are handled defines a warrior’s leadership. These responses cannot be inherited or trained. The leader’s identity, expressed as a posture, conveys confidence to handle the kinetic nature of war.

    Similarly, as we are engaged in both spiritual battles and social conflict (school boards, taxes, border security, etc.), our identity, being one with God (“Jehovah is a man of war” Ex 15.3) empowers us to seize opportunities that glorify our King.


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