Becoming a Usable Vessel

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Destiny, Favor, Forgiveenss, Healing, Holiness, Identity | 0 comments

You can tell hell is at work when people choose to believe a bad report about longtime friends and then reject their influence from within a circle of fellowship. Those who believed the bad report may put on a happy face, but underneath the smiles, the dismissal has already done its damage. These negative reports are like rotted balls hurled back and forth, destroying what was once a beautiful thing. What is left behind after a bad report has been allowed to sow its death is the sorrow of betrayal. These experiences are not a complete loss if we can keep our hearts unoffended in the trial. God can use an unoffended heart for His glory in ways not thought possible when we were first tossed aside and dismissed. Passing the test of betrayal and remaining unoffendable will make us a usable vessel in the hand of the Master.


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