Reset in Times of Crisis

by | Mar 14, 2020 | Change, Church, Culture, Deliverance | 0 comments

While we are in the middle of a bitter election process, a global pandemic, and rampant fear – God is at work offering a reset of our priorities, our values, and the potential for our future. 

A couple of months ago, while doing a final proofread for my book, BEYOND, I highlighted the following quote. It seems to bring clarity to something greater that God is doing while so much negativity and fear is filling the social environment.                                                                              

“God is currently resetting the course of individuals, businesses, ministries, and governments. Without a reset, we will enter the next season guided by assumption from the past, not revelation for the future.” (chapter 8: Preparing for the Journey)                                                                                                                           

If you attune your heart to the voice of God and respond only to the impulse of the Spirt, you will experience this needed reset. Like a course correction made to a mariner’s compass heading, you will be able to navigate this challenging moment in history and arrive safely at a future harbor filled with hope and promise.


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