Beyond the Pundits

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Change, Courage, Creativity, Culture, Five-fold, Kingdom of God | 0 comments

The prophetic voice of the Church should sound different than the voices of the political and social pundits we hear on our favorite news outlet. When our voice becomes saturated with the same frustration and uses the same talking points as this battling political spirit, we lose our impact and our status as change agents for God’s Kingdom. From time-to-time, step back from the heated dialogue and ask yourself if what you are releasing into the cultural stew of discontent is really transmitting a message that reveals the heart of God. This kind of message will always point to an outcome beyond the limits and promises offered in the latest contentious debate. Once that outcome is seen it can then be brought back into this realm and released as a word of hope. Hope changes everything. Hope is the way forward. Hope is our message.


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