Blessing of Breakthrough

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Jan sent this blessing to me this morning. If you need rest, read this and believe God has something better planned for you than the restrictions you are experiencing because of emotional and spiritual weariness.


Blessing of Breakthrough 

Isaiah 28:12, 20-22 & Psalm 31:7-8; 32; 118:25 & Hebrews 4:1-10

In response to Assyrian aggression, Isaiah’s message of rest in the promise of God’s deliverance triggers mockery. The political and religious leaders have trusted in foreign alliances for protection, but there will be no rest— like a bed too short to stretch out on, with a covering too narrow. Isaiah keeps pointing back to God’s invitation of refreshing rest (28:12).

In the name of Jesus Christ,

I bless your spirit with His refreshing rest,

especially in light of all that is shaking

around you—the wars and rumors of wars,

the radical assaults on the nations,

and the atrocities ravaging its citizens.

May you overcome the taunting spirit

of mockery and contempt of the day—

a tactic to delegitimize your influence

in culture—to shame you,

to demonize you, to justify shutting you up,

because of your simple belief in God’s promise

to break through for you.

To rely on human capabilities

is to be uncovered, cramped and cold—

trying to rest on illusions:

and if we don’t come clean with God,

our sorrows and frustrations will be many.

In His mercy, God brings conviction

by uncovering self-determination

and self-reliance:

admit rebellion against Him,

confess what corrupts His truth,

and acknowledge any guilty actions:

all is washed away and all pain

disappears—you are forgiven!

When you trust in God’s forgiveness,

He wraps you all around with His love:

He is your Secret Hiding Place,

He protects you from these troubles,

He surrounds you with songs of gladness—

with shouts of rescue, He releases

your breakthrough.

Hear the word of the Lord:

I will stay close to you—

guiding you along the pathway for your life;

I will advise you along the way.

So don’t make it difficult—

don’t resist me when I take you

where you’ve not been before—

just come with me!

Receive His invitation:

I am your Quiet Place

I am your Comfort—

where you are weary,

I will cause you to rest:

This the Refreshing.

I bless you with breakthrough

into believing, refreshing rest.


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