Blind Judgments

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Forgiveness, Freedom, Vision. | 0 comments

One of your greatest acts of love will be to extend mercy to those who refuse to see you as a transformed person. You need to extend mercy to these people because their opinion of you is based on a person who no longer exists. They are judging the shadows of your past. You have moved on, but these blinded ones are stuck. They are only able to see you through the lens of their judgment.

This is a blind judgment because it does not see the new reality of your life, yet attempts to define your present status with the expired evidence of your past. This kind of blindness requires your mercy until new sight is gained. Mercy will eventually triumph over these blind judgments. Until that time, learn to rest in the faithfulness of God to bring healing and new sight. In this painful process God is doing a profound work in your heart. He is helping you see your accusers with His eyes of mercy.


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