by | Dec 14, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

It should not come as a surprise that our culture is responding to the issues of life with deepening levels of fear. Scripture tells us the perfect love of God promises to expel fear from our thinking if we are living in a cooperative relationship with Jesus Christ. That relationship is not a guarantee that we won’t have fearful thoughts. It is a promise that if we choose to follow the Lord and not the paralyzing lure of fear, that our fear will be displaced by God’s perfect love.

Only after fear is cast out can people begin to think rationally about the source of their fear. The game plan of Satan, the author of all fear, is to create yet another variant of our fear and place it prominently on the horizon of our future to keep us living in its shadow as perpetual slaves listening to his whispers of dread and despair.  We don’t have to live in those chains. We have a choice.


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