Everyone goes through seasons of life where their maturity is being developed. In those stumbling seasons, when our immaturity was glaringly obvious, someone made a judgment call on our life. Years could have passed, and they still see us the way we were in days gone by. Their judgment blinded their eyes from seeing the new person we became in the intervening years.

Maybe this has happened to you. In the passing of time, you may have gone through a substantial transformation and in some cases, several transformations. You are now a completely different person with new insight and anointing. You know you have changed, but some people are still unable to see or receive the new you.

When you meet those who judged you in the past, and they still cannot see the fruit of your transformation and continue to talk to you like they are talking to the old you, this is your chance to move forward into new spiritual territory with a new level of spiritual authority and maturity. These moments are integrity checks. To pass these checkpoints, you will need to extend to those who cannot see the real you the same mercy you desired when you experienced the first volley of their judgment and condemnation. Pass these tests, and you will find yourself standing in a place of spiritual authority only available to those who can move past defensiveness and step forward in mercy.


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