Carrots on a Stick

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Prophetic words are not delivered to us as a spiritual carrot on a stick. They are offered to position us in faith to experience supernatural outcomes. Stepping into a position of faith becomes especially challenging when the person the Lord uses to deliver the word might offend us by their style, image, or method of delivery. Our faith is also challenged when impossible odds surround a prophetic word indicating its fulfillment is unlikely according to natural measurement and reasoning.

When facing these challenges, the greatest obstacle that stands in the way of experiencing prophetic fulfillment is our faithlessness. Faithlessness is a hindrance we will need to overcome first and foremost, not all the odds stacked against the word becoming a reality. 

To those who do not have faith in a prophetic word, a person who believes and entertains the impossible can appear like someone who is following a prophetic carrot on a stick. They keep moving forward in belief no matter what comes their way. The mockery, shaming, and distancing of established relationships that takes place in this journey of faith can be painful, especially when our faith asks us to believe beyond human expiration dates.

Faith does have a cost we must pay. If we are willing to pay that cost while keeping our hearts pure and unoffended by those who challenge our faith posture, we will live to see the fulfillment of things not thought possible.


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