The Importance of Impression

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Jan and I were invited to lunch by our friends, Tim and
April Matteson who live in Reno, Nevada. They wanted us to meet Graham Cooke. At lunch
we talked about many things. One story really stuck in my mind. When Graham is
in his hometown each day he frequents a local coffee shop. Everyone who works
there knows him on a first name basis. They love to see Graham come each
morning because his presence shifts the environment of the coffee shop.

Graham said he tips well – really well. He does this because
he wants each person who works in the restaurant to have a good impression of the God he
serves. When Graham goes on a weeklong ministry trip he prepares 7 envelopes
addressed to the coffee shop with his normal tip enclosed and mails it so the workers will get his daily tip even when he is gone. I was amazed at
Graham’s level of commitment to the impression he leaves behind.

As believers we carry the presence of God wherever we go.
Our actions advertise that presence. A cheap tip left for a waitress or a flippant
and insensitive remark made in the heat of a passionate discussion can leave an
impression contrary to the heart and intent of the One we carry. The impression
our lives leave behind is an indicator of how well we understand the heart of

Today, go overboard in graciousness and kindness. Learn from
Graham. Tip big. Thank well. Speak wise and kind words. Do these things not because
you are trying to impress others. Do it because you are forever grateful for the
amazing love you have been shown by One you carry. Do it because you want others to experience what that love feels like.


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