What would happen if all the communication platforms available to the Church were withdrawn? What if social media became a censored police state and media outlets no longer allowed people of faith to share their point of view? I have asked myself those “what if” questions. I think I have an answer. God would begin to move supernaturally on our behalf releasing revelation and manifestations of the Spirit we thought were only possible while those platforms were still available. God would be faithful to move the sound of our voice past those restrictions to a place of greater impact.

In our current context, some have come think we need the same platforms as the world in order for our message to be heard. Throughout biblical history, the only platform God needed to accomplish His will was an open and available heart, not a platform offered by the controlling political or religious spirit. We should not fear censorship neither should we give up and allow it to take place without a challenge. It is not the end of the road should it ever take place. It might actually be setting us up to experience a greater move of God than we first imagined.


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