Changing Our Delivery

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Change, Courage, Creativity, Prohecy, Prophetic | 0 comments

There are times when a fresh revelation comes not by changing the substance of the message but by simply changing the way a message is delivered. This is not a neurotic attempt to always be hip or relevant. Neither is it living imprisoned in the assumptions of the past. It is being in step with the Spirit in each and every season of life. 

Overly familiar sounding prophetic church-speak spoken again and again in monotone-like expressions can actually deafen the ear of the hearer to the message you want to bring. Always be willing to break free from the lockstep of the existing style and sound to deliver a fresh revelation as directed by God’s Spirit. The Spirit knows how to speak to the culture in a way that is easily understood if we are willing to become the creative mouthpiece of Heaven.

We are not called to always preach in the language of the choir. Culture is waiting to hear the message of prophets who are willing to break rank with the predictable sounds of the past to prophesy a new future delivered fresh from the courts of Heaven. 

When this new way of communication is released, two uprisings will take place. Those numbed into a state of deafness by the dated sounds of the past will rise up to challenge the integrity of the new sound. Those who were able to hear the message will rise to its challenge and move the Church forward into new territory. You were called to be part of the later uprising.


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