Some of you feel like you are being
pushed forward in time without your permission. This rude progression of time
is like a schoolyard bully who has come up behind you pushing and shoving you
forward. At some point you will need to turn around and confront the bully. The
lesser authority of time being used by this bullying presence will have to yield
to the eternity you carry in your heart.

Eternity has authority over every
aspect of time when faith is expressed. Time and all that transpires within its
realm does not have an authority greater than the One who created it. On earth
as it is in heaven is not a religious mantra. This is the order of revelation
in God’s Kingdom.  

God wants to release an invasion of
eternity upon the timeline of your life bringing with it supernatural
resolution and miraculous intervention. This is the alternate reality offered to
those who confront the bully of time and follow Jesus – the One who existed in
eternity before the creation of time.


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