Confronting Inadequacy

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Not every dream we have makes sense. Some dreams can be inspired by the Spirit of God or by a work of hell. Still, others can be the result of an over-active imagination or too much pizza right before bed. We need discernment to understand what is taking place in our mind when we dream. I had a dream I believe was inspired by God’s Spirit not only for me but for some of you who are reading this article.

In the dream, I sent my car into the shop to get new tires for a new journey. When the car was returned it was delivered atop an earthen dam. The dam was holding back a large reservoir of water. There was a problem. The new tires were those skinny low-profile tires that I knew could not navigate the rough terrain of the future. I sent the car back to the shop and told those servicing my car to install a set of large, knobby-studded tires. The car was eventually properly outfitted and delivered once again atop the dam. That was the end of the dream.

As I debriefed the contents of the dream the Lord gave me several impressions. If the Lord gives you permission, make the dream your own. 

God wants to move us past a timidity that fails to confront inadequacy. This inadequacy can be in resources like enough money or personnel needed to accomplish a God-ordained mission. It can also be in the way we think. Inadequacy is an equal opportunity dismantler of hope. If the spirit of inadequacy is not dealt with we can resign ourselves to just go along with less and falsely label it as something spiritual and assume a false humility. When in reality, we actually need more, not less, to make the journey of faith and accomplish the Kingdom purpose for which we were created. 

The car sitting atop the dam holding back the water was a significant image in the dream. While the Lord wants us to move in partnership with Him, He also wants us to get out ahead of the implications of a move of the Spirit so we can be in a position to welcome and minister to those who will become inundated by the flood of God’s presence. That is why the inadequate tires would not work. Some of the things we will have to move through will be the embedded obstacles in culture and within the Church that will cross our path in the unfolding process of revival and reformation. None of this will be an easy road. Inadequate tires will stop us dead in our tracks.

All feelings of inadequacy are created by a fear that is birthed when we have a skewed image of God. In fact, the majority of our dysfunction in matters of faith is sourced in this single issue. If you know what God has called you to do there should be a fearless confidence to ask Him to resource the vision and mission He has revealed to you. To remain atop the dam of potential not properly outfitted because of fear is not where you want to be when the dam breaks. You won’t drown but you will become like many believers in past movements of God who were found floating along with the rest of culture bobbing up and down in a failure of their faith. You don’t have to accept that definition or that end result. 

God wants to get us out ahead of what is coming. To do that, we need adequate tires on our faith. Those tires will be the evidence that we believe and trust God to do all He has promised because He loves us and knows that without His provision none of what He called us to do will take place. 


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