God will ask some of you to cut and paste a portion of an old vision into the new thing God is doing in your life. You will need to bring some things forward in order to move forward. Other things that had a purpose in a single season of your life will remain in the past.

I’ve completed the research for two new books. It’s one of those moments in my life when I am asking God which one I should move forward with, or should I actually shelve both ideas all together and call it good. I’m not interested in writing another book, only if directed to do so by God.

I am working within a formatting template graciously supplied to me by my editor-daughter, Anna. At this stage in these projects, I am cutting and pasting unedited content into the template to get a feel for how each book would look and flow as I structure the primary substance and format.

Your life and the unfolding vision God is revealing to you is like the process of writing a new book. As you consider moving forward into the new thing God is revealing, it is not wise to prematurely hit the delete button on your past before you inquire of the Lord about your future. 

Some of the items in your history were not given to you to carry for only a single season. They are part of your spiritual and visionary core. They should migrate with you into the future. Vision is accumulated and crafted over a lifetime. It’s not a static one-time event created in an afternoon workshop on life-planning. With each new season, you will need to discern what is to remain with you as you move forward and what you should leave behind. The Lord will be faithful to show you which critical core issues you will need to cut and paste into the developing template of your future. 


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