Creator God – Creative People

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

There is a vast difference between being the Creator God and being a creative person. That difference is obvious and not just the fact that He is God, and we are part of His creation. The difference is in the origin of all creativity. It begins in the heart of God and then it is released into the minds of creative people who will interpret His heart in a variety of creative expressions. 

While our creative ability is a wonderful gift, we only create a representation of something. Our art, innovation, and patented ideas are earthly expressions of something birthed in the heart of God in the realm of eternity. He releases this creativity through humans to help us flourish in body, soul, and spirit. 

We can use our voice, keypad, paintbrush, hammer, or sewing needle to initiate a creative act. Every human can be creative in a variety of ways. Some have failed to see they are actually in the act of creating every day because the product of their creativity is not hanging in an art gallery.

Many times, our creativity can be hidden in what appears to be the normal tasks of everyday life. A parent reading a bedtime story makes the story come alive because they animate the story in such a way that it makes their child giggle in delight. A stonemason adds a unique touch to the placement of a series of stones that turns a dull wall into a refreshing pause of appreciation for those who pass by. A technology developer creates a new Internet platform that no one had previously considered. We all have a creative assignment in life if we take time to examine our lives.

Find your place of creativity. Listen to the voice of the Lord and follow His creative lead. If you choose to live open to the creativity of Heaven, you will be someone used by God to change the world for the better as you express His heart through your unique gifts and talents. 


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