Deception is on the Skids

by | Jan 3, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

For the last month, I have been dreaming more than normal. Some of these dreams contain instruction and insight from the Spirit. Last night, I heard the words “on the skids.” When I heard the phrase, I saw a large black box on rails slowly moving toward a destination. The box contained an assumption that was hidden from the eyes of those it was passing by. These observers were asked to ignore its passage as the box made its way forward. Just as the box seemed to be arriving at its intended destination, it lost traction and began to slip backward in an unexpected reversal of direction. The cargo was now on the skids toward failure.

Be careful about any assumptions you might have or have been asked to believe. None of them will prove reliable as God intervenes in our developing history. Assumptions about someone’s life, the condition of the Church, or the direction of a nation are not based on a word from the Lord. They are only human assumptions and speculation. God will have the last say in all things. 

As this skidding begins, and a reversal of direction takes place, hide yourself and your response to what happens in the only safe place – in the heart of God. His heart is redemptive, not retaliatory or vindictive.

When the contents of a hidden cargo of deception are finally revealed for all to see, and people realize the assumptions they have been told to believe were nothing more than well-crafted lies, they will be shocked and embarrassed.  At that moment, when a person’s emotional and spiritual equilibrium is thrown off, they will need compassion, honor, and forgiveness. Those three things will become the tools the Lord will use for the restoration and reformation of individuals, families, and nations.  Choose wisely and compassionately how you respond.


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