A call for discernment has been sent out. Those who answer this call will need to reevaluate what has been presented to them as truth evaluated thorough the limitations of natural sight and human intellect. 

These shallow forms of surface perception can blind our vision to a deeper contest of spiritual warfare being waged between light and darkness. The devil is not a red demonic-looking being with horns on his head and a pointed tail. Neither are the people being used by him to promote dark agendas that we paint with the same brushstroke. We love a Hollywood depiction of hell because it does not require that we look deeper than our prejudice on a particular subject.  The devil is a being of influence who desires to mask his presence to naïve eyes.  Our biases, alliances, and resulting alignments help to create an image of the enemy that can blind us from seeing deeper into the reality of the spiritual warfare currently being waged. 

A great deal of surface fighting is currently taking place in the Church and within the culture.  Each person is doing what is presumed to be right in their own eyes. This shallow form of sight will have us engage in a surface conflict without battling the deeper foundation of deception that is constructing a larger lie. The worldviews represented on both sides of human opinion can be used by hell to rob individuals and entire cultures of their God-ordained destinies. 

The discernment God is releasing will allow us to see through the mirage of hell into the heart of God. Some of that mirage may actually be what we currently see as truth and the only way forward. Discernment will require a willingness to look beneath the surface of our beloved status quo to see from a different perspective than the personal interpretation of reality we have assumed to be God’s.


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