Have you noticed unhealthy critics rarely have original content to present? Their self-appointed mission in life is very narrow, birthed from the limited resource pool of their personal experience and worldview. 

A critic’s mission in life is to confront, challenge and undermine what they do not understand. If you have critics assailing your life, don’t be drawn into their verbal soccer game and attempt to defend the goal of your opinion. Your defense is the food that feeds a hungry critic. In order to remain emotionally and spiritually healthy, it is important to understand these critical assaults are not personal.  They come from an unresolved place of brokenness in the heart of your critic. 

Your assignment when under a critical assault is to keep your heart from growing hard. As difficult as it may sound, pray for your critics and bless them.  Fight and resist cynicism at all costs. It is waiting at the door of your will wanting to pollute your heart and silence the Kingdom impact of your voice by turning its sound into something cold and dismissive. When that happens the critic has won no matter how valid your opinion might have been.


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