Differing Perspectives

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Church, Culture, Discernment, Grace, Healing, Honor, Humility, Identity | 0 comments

The body of Christ is not designed to walk and talk in lockstep over every issue in society and all aspects of theology. Our oneness is in the person of Jesus Christ, not our limited interpretation of Him or the events of culture. Paul said we are all unique and have a different place within His body, each with a different function, purpose, and location. We need to give each other a bit more room in our social discourse, especially when we see the same event or process the same information but interpret that input from a different perspective.  A growing number of people are becoming fatigued by the political spirit they see at work in our government. We owe them an image of Jesus Christ and His Church that does not empower its message by that same spirit.



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