Dining at the Table of Bias

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Courage, Kingdom of God, Peace, Power, Promise, Reconciliation, Revival, Spiritual Warfare, Wisdom | 0 comments

I recently wrote in response to a friend who asked me why he was experiencing such a high level of frustration and anxiety with the current condition of our culture. I said to him, “All news is bias and all bias is news.”

You and I are being served a meal of misinformation created from a menu of media bias. This fare is being offered to all sides of each social issue. Everything is a mixture, even what appears to be obvious when viewed primarily through the lens of our preferred news source that supports our worldview.

Be careful that you do not view any social issue through the prepared template of someone else’s narrow interpretation. None of this is about groups, movements or political parties. It is deeper. Ask the Spirit to peel off these templates so you can see the individuals held down under the weight of these biases. 

There is another revolution taking place, one not reported on the dominate media platforms.  This revolution is impacting one person at a time awakening them to the love of God. It is the most radical of all revolutions. The only bias of this revolution is seeking the highest good for another person. That should be our only bias when we encounter someone with a differing worldview.


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