Discerning Scarlet Threads of Revelation

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Prophetic | 4 comments

Many are declaring their opinion and confidently prophesying outcomes. It can become a bit overwhelming if we try to swim through these crowded prophetic waters hoping to exercise discernment. Midstream, before the time of fulfillment, it can feel as though we are drowning in a current of prophetic insight wondering who is speaking the truth and who is speaking from human assumption.

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. The Lord is speaking. He has things He wants you to hear. Look for the scarlet threads of truth that are present in words that carry the truth of God. Not all who prophesy will see everything with clarity, even the most proven of prophets. If their heart is rightly aligned with God, somewhere in their declaration will be a single thread of revelation the Lord will ask you to remove and hold.  That single thread when added to other prophetic insight will begin to create the fabric of a move expansive revelation. Be patient and discerning. The Master Weaver is at work. 


  1. jamie

    Thank you. This was a confirmation to a very specific prayer I had this morning. One where I was crushed and needed a hug/confirmation from God in a very deep and personal way. I will clutch this and the prophetic thread given to me close to my heart and dare to believe beyond what i see and feel right now.

    Thank you.

  2. anna

    This has been heavy on my heart.. Mañ seems to be wanting to hear.. searching out.. what man is saying over hearing the voice of God speaking to them.. We must learn to hear God’s voice if we are to move forward in this new era..

  3. Christina A Colwell

    Thank you, This actually sheds light on a dream I had recently. I was looking over a body of water and spotted a whale. I continued to watch for another glimpse of the whale. Someone had come along behind me and was scornful because I watched. But I knew what I had seen so continued undeterred. Then the whale finally emerged coming fully out of the water so I could see his whole body and then it plunged back into the water which was now a swimming pool. The whale had to fold itself in half in order to fit in the swimming pool. I understood the whale to be a prophetic vehicle & teacher (Jonah & Job) that consumed large quantities of food (Word), searched the deep things of God (ocean) to deliver God’s message to the people (Ocean /shore). The swimming pool is a manmade body of water i.e. our limited framework for understanding. The huge body of knowledge from God doesn’t fit within our limited understanding. It seems crowded. It’s time to expand our framework to receive His fullness. If we cannot it’s gonna get extremely awkward & uncomfortable.

  4. Angela Kerns

    So good. Listening to God ourselves is really important.


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