Discerning What Lies Beneath

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Church, Courage, Culture, Discernment | 1 comment

Prophets are not called to be parrots repeating a prepared speech or puppets dancing at the end of a puppetmaster’s string. True prophetic insight is no respecter of persons or political parties. A prophetic message must be crafted from above and delivered into this realm with courage and clarity.

This morning in prayer, I saw people standing on platforms – political platforms. The attention of the audience was focused solely on the people on stage. The voices of those speaking began to fade away, and then the Spirit spoke.

As the 2020 election cycle increases in speed, visibility, and ferocity, each party has constructed a platform upon which their candidate will stand. Our attention can be distracted by the performers on these platforms drawing us away from the significant issues that are at stake. 

Choose to look deeper, beyond the personalities, platforms, and stagecraft. Discern the spirit behind the creation of the policies being represented. Some will unfortunately never explore the issues at this depth and remain embroiled in the surface turmoil. The end of discernment is to only see what is being presented in the public square and then respond in a Pavlovian manner to the stimuli being offered. 

A great deal of diversion is taking place. It is a distraction causing people to not see the deeper issues upon which each platform has been constructed. Ask God for discernment to see through the demands of your emotions that have been responding to the prepared material of the media, the algorithms of your social media feed and your circle of friends who think like you.  

Pray and ask God for prophetic insight. The answer to that request will alter your current perception of reality and help you see what has been hidden beneath all the noise and posturing currently being displayed on the platforms of culture. 

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  1. Donna

    And if you see horrible policies on both sides influenced by dark spirits, what then?


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