Discernment in a Dark Place

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Discernment, Faith, Trust | 0 comments

This week, Jan and I were out of town for a conference. A comfortable room in a nice hotel was provided for us. If you travel, you may have experienced what I am about to share. I awakened at night and rolled over to check the time on the illuminated digital clock as I do at home. Instead of my familiar clock, I saw nothing but darkness. The illuminated clock was on Jan’s side of the bed, out of sight. It took a couple of seconds for me to realize what was happening. I remembered I was in a hotel, not at home. Then I recalled that before going to bed, I placed my iPhone on the nightstand. I reached over and quickly found out the correct time. All was well. I went back to sleep. 

I like to know the time and season in which I am living. This is not always clear, especially in a transition from one season to the next. While our hotel room was dark and unfamiliar, it did not affect the reality or accuracy of time. Somewhere in the room, a clock was telling the right time. My wristwatch was out there in the darkness doing the same along with my iPhone. The problem was with me. I was not sure where I was. I needed to gather my thoughts in the darkness to discern my location before I could determine the correct time.

If you cannot make sense of the current season of your life and it all feels a bit dark and unfamiliar, stop and take a moment to grab your spiritual bearings. Somewhere in your situation, the correct time is being displayed. At some point, you will awaken enough to make sense of your surroundings, even in a dark place where all your familiar bearings are no longer visible. God will be faithful to speak to you in the darkness. In these dark places is where your faith can shine the brightest as you move forward toward the substance of things not yet seen.


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