Jan and I are processing the next season of our lives. This is not about the next few months or even a year or two. We are processing decades. Amid this spiritual exercise, the Lord spoke, “You will find a new assignment within your current assignment.” What I understood the Lord to be saying to us was that we would not be changing geography or relationships, but we would discover adjustments in our current assignment that would uncover and reveal something new.

As you seek the Lord for the details of your future, do not limit yourself to seeking something new in another place or relationship. God is taking many of us into the unexplored areas of our current assignment to discover something new. He is giving us the ability to see what we did not see the first time around.

Some of you will be surprised at the freedom and the depths of refreshment that will come to your life once this new assignment is realized. That freedom and refreshment will come not because you took on something new. It will come because you discovered something that had remained unseen in an unexplored area of your current assignment.


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