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The word “domesticated” as it applies to the domestication of animals means “to tame and keep as a pet.” Domestication also applies to people. It happens when we allow someone or something to tame our faith giving them permission to leash us and lead us around by influences not associated with the Spirit.

Domesticating an animal or a person is done at a base level. This process takes place by rewarding certain behaviors using food or basic needs as a punishment or reward. Another behavior modifier is the threat of being disassociated from the pack. These are powerful influencers that can be used to steer us to a place of dependency.

Our faith is meant to roam free under the direction of God’s Spirit. We were never born again to live a life of compromise at the end of someone’s leash. The heroes of the faith that we honor were those individuals who lived an unleashed life and would rather suffer the consequence of integrity than allow their faith to be compromised and controlled. 

The weakest among us in the eyes of the world can become the strongest among us in God’s Kingdom. This is not age, gender, or social standing specific. It is a choice we make to remain free in the Spirit at all costs allowing only the Lord to be our reward when lesser offerings come promising false freedom. False freedom will always have as its goal to tame our faith and make us someone’s pet. That choice will always lead to a life of bondage and control.

“So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36).


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