G. K. Chesterton, the British writer, philosopher and lay theologian of the last century once wrote, “Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.” Faith without the presence of lines is not faith. It is an emotion.

In the public square, drawing a line has become increasingly unpopular. By nature, a line can create offense and separation.  Lines will define where we walk and how we live, and in some cases whom we choose to walk through life with. 

The most important line to draw is the one that marks the difference between what pleases God and what grieves Him. This is the line we must first consider before we start drawing lines that mark something as either holy or unholy, right or wrong. Without first knowing God’s heart, our faith will appear like a scribbled mess of cruel and dysfunctional lines that do nothing to further God’s Kingdom or express His love.

Be careful and wise where you choose to draw a line. Jesus drew lines in the most unexpected places – places the religious establishment of His day vehemently opposed. Even the disciples who walked with Jesus for three years were not sure where some of His lines would be drawn. 


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