Drawn or Drifting

by | Feb 29, 2020 | Change, Church, Culture, Deliverance, Discipleship, Discipline, Lordship | 0 comments

In life, we will either be drawn deeper into the heart of God by the wind of the Spirit or drift farther away by the influencing currents of personal preference or popular culture. At no time are we floating in a spiritual doldrum without movement in either direction. 

This drawing or drifting applies to all areas of life – our family relationships, our God-ordained identity, biblical truth, and a cultural interpretation of that truth. To be drawn by God is the by-product of Lordship. Those who live in the vessel of Lordship have their spiritual sails set to the wind of the Spirit. When we decide to be our own lord and set our sails based on our personal navigational skills, the drifting begins. We can drift away from God and still look religious and magnanimous to other drifters who share a similar worldview adrift from the truth. As a result, we become a flotilla of drifting error. 

All is not lost for drifters because God is always blowing fair winds across their souls to remind them of His love. His winds invite them to a better way forward. A great revival wind is blowing toward the drifters. Those who are adrift are not without hope. The wind of God’s love is always available no matter how far someone has drifted. Sails on the mast of personal lordship are about to be reset to receive the Lordship of Jesus. Expect to see individuals and entire segments of our culture make dramatic course corrections because they encountered the drawing winds of God’s presence. 


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