Drenched with the Dew of Heaven

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Freedom, Healing, Hope, Promise | 0 comments

In those times, when life feels dry and without the moisture of hope, when you are walking through what seems like an endless desert, a reminder of your true condition is important. The following is a portion of a blessing Jan wrote titled, “Blessing of a Sign.” It is condensed from Scripture found in Isaiah 37:30-32, Leviticus 25:21, and Zechariah 8:12-13.  Stand in the middle of your dry place and declare these words.

Hear God’s heart for you:

      The seed will be prosperous,

      the vine will give its fruit,

      and the ground will give increase,

      watered by the Dew of Heaven.

      So, I will save you,

      and you will be a blessing.

May you be saturated from the Dew of Heaven;

      may you have peaceful, secure growing

      conditions in order to take root

      and to yield its fruit of prosperity.

I bless you with seeds of peace—

      the grapevine heavy with fruit—

      a vintage, triple crop.

You have confirmation that God’s hand

      is upon you:

      you are the heir of His blessings—

      you are both a symbol

      and a source of blessing.


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