I watched an amazing video. It was about a fisherman kneeling on the deck of his fishing boat tossing scraps of food at a large group of beautiful bald eagles. The eagles flew onto the deck and hopped around this man as he threw morsels their way. The video touched me on two levels. On
one level, I saw the obvious kindness of
the fisherman offering food to these beautiful creatures. Kindness is always a
good thing. On another level, I saw a spiritual metaphor and a word of caution for the

In Scripture we are told in times of
waiting that we can mount up on wings like eagles. Isaiah the prophet spoke of
God’s people waiting on the Lord in our native habitat of spiritual flight and
in that time of waiting to rise above the limited and convenient provision
provided for us by the wisdom of this world. Strength, provision and revelation
has been promised to those who soar in this flight of faith.

Times of waiting are dangerous because in
our waiting we can attempt to satisfy our hunger with the scraps thrown at us
from sources other than God. These are the scraps offered to us from the bucket
of untrustworthy sources. They are scraps of information not tested by the
heart of God.

Be careful. Scraps will always be available
to feed you in your time of frustrated waiting. Resist these convenient
meals.  Follow the instruction of Isaiah
and return to the wild altitudes of faith where you were created to soar above
the scraps tossed at you from the news media, the fears of other people or the
teaching of expired covenants that no longer represent the grace-food of the
Father. This is where spiritual eagles were intended to fly and find their


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