Life is a collection of journeys, not just a single trip. Each journey has a measure of faith assigned to it that we are to ask God to release. Without this measure of faith, we will process the journey only with natural sight and without assurance for those parts of the transition we cannot yet see. 

We have the tendency to over-focus on what is immediate and visible. Our myopic vision actually blurs our ability to see the lessons learned from past experiences. God uses those lessons to help us plan in the present a successful transition into the future. 

You may need to walk away—far enough away from what is before you so that you can gain a new perspective and see your life from a panoramic point of view. Has God ever failed you? Has he ever not provided a way for you in the past? It is time to see how faithful God has been in the past so that you don’t have fear about what is developing in your future. 

(An excerpt from the book, A Good Place.)


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