Enough is Enough

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the words “enough is enough” as a phrase “used to say that one wants something to stop because one can no longer accept or deal with it.”

To properly define the impact of those words requires that we understand some seasons of life will let us know in no uncertain terms that our capacity to take in more information or opinion has reached its limit. It is wisdom to know when we have reached that capacity. If not, we will become frayed, weak, and over-reactive to the smallest of issues. 

This morning as the dawn was breaking, I asked Jan to step out on the back porch with me to smell the lilacs, look up into the green treetops and listen to a dove cooing in the distance. In those moments of purposeful reflection, we experience a recalibration where we come to realize once again the Master is always at work doing more than we could ever imagine, something beyond our latest declaration of “Enough!”


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