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by | Oct 2, 2020 | Culture, Prophetic, revelation, Wisdom | 1 comment

With the announcement today that both President Trump and the First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19, I was reminded once again how fast events could change on the world stage. Just yesterday, I was lovingly corrected as to what my role and the role of the Church should be in these unusual times.

Yesterday, I sensed something I felt could be a message from the Lord and shared it with Jan. The problem was not what I shared because it could be a real possibility. My problem was that I only saw a spiritual conflict and its possible negative outcome and not the solution offered from Heaven that could override the potential dark victory of that conflict. Jan said, “What you sensed is a call to prayer. You only saw the conflict, not the call to prayer.” I received Jan’s wise counsel.  


Apostle Paul said he went to the third heaven and saw unimaginable things. His mention of a third heaven logically infers the existence of a first and second heaven. In my limited insight, I sensed something that could become a real possibility if God did not intervene. What I saw was an ongoing and yet to be resolved conflict taking place in the second heaven. The impression I was struggling with created a form of spiritual tunnel vision because it did not carry the intervention of a third heaven revelation. 


What you and I see or sense must come under the authority of the greater works of God that can always intervene in the affairs of Earth no matter how dark the current reality.  Heaven’s insight must be our filter for the events taking place on Earth, or we will see with limited sight – a sight that will always end up in despair.


Lord, help us see your plan before we open our mouths in disbelief. Let our prayers be fueled by what you are doing, not by a conflict still in process. 


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  1. Charlene Robinson

    Thank you for the good insight on the intervention of the 3rd heaven. So often we become troubled by what we hear and perceive as being something that can’t be fixed. My pastor called my jumping toward worst case scenarios as a spirit of foreboding which I’d never heard of but have learned to recognize and set aside getting my focus back on the Lord! I love reading reminders you have that help me in that area. I have your book, “A Good Place” and have been helped a lot by reading the short words in there and have shared some on my FB too with all credit to you of course. God Bless you and your family and thank you again for sharing with us all!


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