Faith and Hope in Fearful Times

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Be careful to never judge another person’s response to fear. I’m talking about the life and death kind of fear that comes in times when life hangs in the balance. It is not possible to know the power of this level of fear unless you have lived under its influence. Those who live in a false sense of personal bravado and the delusion of invincibility in times of peace can quickly become a cowering and quivering mess in times of conflict because the backbone of their self-proclaimed courage has not been tested. 

Overcoming fear is a supernatural act. It involves a faith we do not naturally possess. To engage this level of faith requires that we make an exchange with the Lord. Sight is our first act of faith. We must be willing to see and honestly assess our fears before we can exchange them. Seeing our fear through the eyes of an honest assessment and being willing to make an exchange with the Lord is our admission of personal need and inadequacy. That exchange is the gateway to victory over fear. Only the humble – people who turn to God in their time of despair – are candidates for this kind of faith. 

Those who overcome the influencing presence of fear are the ones who have remained humble in their self-estimation and gracious to those who continue to struggle in the grasp of fear. To these individuals, the mercy of God will come in displays of power and peace that will help them confront their fear and overcome its influence. These are the ones who are able to endure a fearful season with courage and hope. 


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