Falling Labels

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

The Lord is walking through our nation with the oil of His anointing dripping from His robe. As He moves among us, many have tried to affix a label to Him and have Him carry their message. The adhesive of their preference has not been able to attach these labels. The oil of Heaven has prevented the attachment. These labels are falling to the ground and will be defined as yet another failed attempt to make the Lord into our image.

The Lord is Lord of all and above all, especially the labels we have created in an attempt to align Him with our limited understanding of His true majesty. The Lord is asking us to put away our labels and raise empty hands to Him in worship. As we worship Him, He will demonstrate His Lordship over all the Earth, especially among those who follow Him and have limited their understanding of His life and mission to the message recorded on their label of preference.


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