Finding Purpose in the Last Lap of Life

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Apostle, Church, Creativity, Discipleship, Father, Fathers, Five-Fold Ministry | 0 comments

I have the privilege and the honor of speaking in a variety of churches and conference settings. While I value those public venues what I enjoy the most is getting to sit in a living room or on a stool and speak as a spiritual father to a team who carry a shared mission. These settings are where Q&A takes place and prophetic insight freely flows revealing doorways into the future of a personal life, the mission of a faith community or the development of a product. 

At my stage in life, I have come to realize a spiritual father or mother does not need to know all the technical specifics of a product launch or each detail of a ministry vision in order to be a voice of value. What is needed in these more intimate settings is the revelation of the heart of God. That revelation has the power to transform a life, a product launch or a ministry vision into something more where people are able to discover the fullness of their calling.

Becoming older in the Spirit is a good and hopefully anticipated experience. Steward your maturing journey well and you will be surprised how God will use you when you become an elder in His Kingdom. We are part of an ever-expanding mission. Believing that an inevitable decline is our lot in life is an alignment with a deceiving spirit. Turn away from that lie and ask God to reveal to you the good things He has planned for your life as you enter the last lap of your life-race. That revelation will change everything.


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