Finding Your Rhythm Of Grace

by | Jun 15, 2014 | Hope, Rest, Trust | 0 comments

Your life has resembled the pre-concert tuning of an orchestra. Each element of your life has been playing different tuning notes out of alignment with the rest of the instruments. That is about to change.

You have a rhythm of grace assigned to your life. God is about to reveal that rhythm to you and in that discovery you will find a deeper level of God’s peace and purpose for your life.

The Lord is stepping up to your life-podium to conduct and direct all the fragmented elements of your life. At His command He is about to bring order to what has been in discord. He has a word for you that will resemble a conductor tapping his baton on a music stand. All the instruments will go silent. When the Lord raises His arm to orchestrate your new season of life all the discordant elements will come together to create a symphony of beauty and grace.


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