My first car was a 57 Chevy like the one
in the picture. Same color. The only difference was mine had solid chrome
wheels and moon hubcaps and a bit of rake in the rear. I bought mine for
$500.00 in 1966. It had a 283 with a 4-barrel Holley carb and a Hurst 3-speed.
In my mind I can still smell the tuck and roll interior and hear the sound of
the chirping tires as I ran through the gears. I only ditched a cop once (I
later became one 🙂 ) and felt so bad that I promised to never do that again.
If I had the car today I could sell it and use the money to make a substantial
contribution to my retirement portfolio.

I share all of this because I am sensing
God is bringing back first loves. It doesn’t mean you are going out to buy your
first car again. It means God will bring to some of you a blessing greater than
what occupied your heart in the first place. Where there is now a sorrow for
what is gone, joy is coming to displace that sorrow. Where there is no longer
an expectation of anything new, the power of God will fall into your impossible
situation and bring breakthrough. God’s replacements are always better than the

The great thing about seeing an image of
something that represents a first love is the ability the image has to stir up
forgotten memories and cause us to revisit our youth – even the youth of our
faith.  As I write this, I am
reintroducing myself to the 16 year-old me of 50 years ago. As I look at this
picture and begin to experience some old memories, I am beginning to hear the
rumble of something new. Get ready. First loves are about to pull into the
driveway of your heart.


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