Follow the Money

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Deliverance, Discipline, Future, Prophetic, Revelation | 0 comments

There is a popular phrase in our culture – “Follow the money.” This phrase is used as a road map to find the source of why certain things take place. If you use this as your primary investigative tool there is a problem. At the end of your search you will only discover the depository that holds the money. You have to go one step deeper. What lies under the money is the motive that directs the power and influence the money provides. This deeper level is what you want to uncover because it will reveal what really motivates behavior and directs the expenditure of physical or emotional resources.

Human logic and reasoning cannot reveal the motives hidden at this deeper level. This requires prophetic insight and discernment. As the events of 2016 begin to unfold it will be important to dig deeper and go beneath the surface presentation of complex social and spiritual issues. Much of culture and many within the Church have parked their thinking at a shallow place where overly simplistic, “Follow the Money”, forms of wisdom are used to provide insight. Ask the Spirit to take you to the deeper place of hidden motive. In that deeper place you will uncover the works of darkness and deception that hold people in a place of bondage and blindness. Money is simply a tool to execute a motive. God wants to reveal to you the hand that holds the tool.


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