Follow the Impressions

by | Nov 13, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

We all receive impressions throughout the day. Some are just our mind connecting with our environment or a memory. Sometimes, it is the Lord wanting to start a conversation with us. He gets our attention by offering an impression. Writing has been a process the Lord has used to develop this form of revelation with me. You might have a different method.

When an impression comes and touches that place the old-timers call “The Knower”, I stop and capture the impression. The Knower is that place where we realize God is talking. When an impression comes and I know the Lord is wanting to get my attention, I follow that impression and begin writing. It is not like an experienced novelist who might work from an outline of a developing plotline. It is like dictation without knowing where the dictation is taking me. The initial impression is the starting point of the substance of things to come as I listen for other impressions that will follow the first keystroke.

Impressions are like a lure the Lord trolls by our life to see if we will take the bait and do something with it. The longer we walk with the Lord and learn how to respond to the impulses of His Spirit, the more tuned our Knower will become to the arrival of these Spirit-empowered impressions. This is not a flippant process like a trial-and-error method, even though it can initially appear that way. It is learning how to discern the subtle nudges of the Spirit that tell us God is speaking. 

Today, give it a try. When an impression comes and you realize the Lord trying to capture your attention, do something with the impression. As you walk into its content you will discover the hidden spiritual depths the initial impression carried with it that can only be discovered by further inquiry. In that process of inquiry, greater revelation will appear to honor your obedience.


  1. Eileen

    The Knower! I have never heard this term but I love it & it’s so right… makes “I know that I know” make more sense too.
    I came to this in my 40s after a class called ‘Discerning the Voice of God’ ( Priscilla Shire) … in my head I heard ( literally) “go 205”…. as we are the very first car waiting at the 1-5 bridge lift …I relayed my voice “message” to my husband … He said : Eileen! That was God! I was so surprised a m a z e d grateful & saddened as I didn’t go that way!
    ( such rich soil in this topic…
    1) even KNOWING it is GOD
    2)?Knowing what to DO w it
    3) Actually DOING the WILL OF GOD for my life
    I don’t seem to hear very much these daze … but I did yesterday!! I will try to explore what that message really ‘looks like’ in prayer Thank you Pastor Elkins for your wonderful Word(s) books and Ministry.
    ( my husband was a young man Under Pastor Ken Wold in Vancouver WA around the late 60-70 he learned so much that I never got about who & how IN THE SPIRIT … I’m grateful for God putting him in my life to enrich my knowledge of God … you continue to do this too … Thank you )

  2. Angela Kerns

    This is so much how I hear the lord speak. Thank you for putting this in writing!


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