Framing the Revelation of God

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God is adjusting our frame of reference for the release of increased levels of impact for prophetic ministry. Like a frame that surrounds and enhances a piece of historic artwork, the Lord has always desired to have us frame His revealed word with the unique wisdom and creativity of the Spirit. The result will be a delivery that is pleasing to the eye and a blessing to engage.

Most of us have written something in the margin of a book or a Bible. As we read along, we jot down thoughts and observations in the margins of the text that defines the text in a personal way. There is actually a term for this: marginalia. 

Marginalia originally described the intentional designs in the margins of medieval illuminated manuscripts. The margins of these manuscripts were filled with beautiful patterns and images in gold and silver that helped illuminate the text. The text would not be complete without the framework of the marginalia.

We can attempt to deliver a prophetic word prematurely and toss it out without the framework of the Spirit preparing its delivery. This framework was described by Paul when he defined the fruit of the Spirit to the Galatians.

But the fruitproduced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:

joy that overflows,peace that subdues,
patiencethat endures,
kindness in action,
a life full of virtue,
faith that prevails,
gentleness of heart, and
strength of spirit.” (Galatians 5:22-23 TPT).

While the gifts of the Spirit may expand the Kingdom, it is the fruit of the Spirit that governs the Kingdom. We may release a prophetic word and the message of the word is true, yet its intended impact can be diminished because we did not allow the fruit of the Spirit to frame and govern its presentation. 

People are watching and listening to the words we deliver. They are walking through the gallery of prophecy discerning the verbal and visual artwork being presented. What hangs on the wall of these galleries is intended to be a blessing and carry greater authority when the message is surrounded by divine love. 

Before you release a word for public display, pause to allow the Spirit to give you the framework required to enhance the message of the word. Just as it can be in a high-end art auction where a work of art created by a master starts a bidding war, so it will be with a prophetic word framed by the heart of God and the fruit of His Spirit. People will be drawn to the beauty of a wisely framed message.


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