Getting Unstuck

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Change, Courage, Faith | 0 comments

A vision for a business, a ministry or a personal life that has become stuck and lost its mobility can turn its adherents into managers of the status quo. It takes courage for someone to rise up and challenge the direction of a vision and make the hard choices to realign the vision with God’s original intent. The managers of these stuck visions will construct strict parameters and controlled outcomes like moats around a castle to keep the vision isolated from evaluation and moving forward in a predetermined direction. This happens because those in charge see no other way. There are times when the way forward is not actually forward but back to the drawing board or laterally in order to intercept and engage a move of God that could pass by unnoticed. Vision is not always linear and forward.

If you are called to disrupt the direction of a stuck and short-sighted vision, the greatest work you do will first be done in your heart in the area of your motives. The anger, disgust or frustration you might feel about how things have been handled cannot be allowed to formulate your choices or guide your actions. To partner with the Spirit to bring about the course correction of a stuck vision requires a unique blend of humility, wisdom and Spirit-led action. Ask God for those three gifts and allow Him to examine and purify your motives.  If you do this He will be able to use you in remarkable ways to not only steer the heart of a vision but to help steer the hearts of those involved. Only God can bring this kind of transformation to a vision. Trust His ways and He will make a way.


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