God is Bringing Comfort and Rest to Afflicted Minds

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Deliverance, Fear, Freedom, Grace, Healing, Hope, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

This morning as Jan and I took communion, we prayed that our minds would not be divided. We anointed each other with oil to heal anything in our thinking that would separate us from a singlemindedness with the Lord. 

As we prayed, I saw the image of a person struggling with dark and confused thinking. Their feeling of confusion and divided thinking had become a real concern. They did not know what to do and even wondered if they were losing their minds. The person had prayed, rebuked the evil one, and stood upon the promises of Scripture, but the problem seemed to persist. 

I saw the top of the person’s skull had been removed, revealing the two hemispheres of their brain. A spirit of division was attempting to gain a foothold in their thought life. In the next moment, I saw the Lord approach the person, and like someone wrapping their arms around a troubled child, the Lord embraced the vulnerable and exposed brain. He began to speak words of comfort to the afflicted one. The freedom I saw beginning to emerge on the countenance of the person being embraced did not come from their effort to try to do better or think the right thoughts. It came because the love of God had appeared and surrounded their restless mind in an act of mercy speaking words of assurance and peace. When the Lord spoke, the sound of His voice silenced the spirit of division.


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