You are speaking, but you are not being heard. It is like someone has pressed the mute button in a vital conversation. Don’t worry. God is about to unmute your voice. 

Yesterday, I released a Facebook Live broadcast. I am early in the learning curve of this platform. I prepare as best as I can, and after each broadcast, I try to remedy the mistakes made in the previous ones. I am doing a series of videos about leaving behind a legacy that will honor God. I have looked forward to sharing these videos because I love to help people discover what it takes to finish well in their life calling.

When the broadcast began, I felt good. About 1:40 into the broadcast it was brought to my attention that there was no sound. The problem was simple. The mute button on my microphone had been activated. I was embarrassed at such an apparent oversight. I also felt terrible for those who were giving me their valuable time and only watching a talking head with no sound. I pushed the mute button and viola the sound came on. I retraced my steps and began once again.

This morning, I began to sense there was a purpose behind my broadcast error with the mute button. My Facebook Live experience might be similar to certain relationships in your life. You have prepared the setting for a meaningful conversation. You have prayed. You announced what you wanted to share. You did everything you could think of to make the conversation a success. When the conversation finally began you looked like me on the Facebook video, you were talking, but no one could hear you. That is about to change. God is getting ready to unmute your voice. Those who were not able to hear you in the past will now listen to you and understand what it was you were trying to communicate.

We don’t always know why our voice was muted. This is why we need God to intervene on our behalf and give our voice the sound of Heaven. If you discover your conversation was muted don’t lose heart. Like I had to do on the Facebook video, once you realize you were muted, start over again when the sound comes on. God has something important for you to say and He will make sure your voice is heard no matter what human failure hit the mute button and created the silence.


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