God is about to orchestrate unusual rescue operations. Families, cities, and nations will experience new freedom as the fruit of these operations. To accomplish this, God will release precise instructions and plans for a rescue that could not be known apart from the revelation of the Spirit. 

Late one night, I was working patrol when my supervisor called me to the station along with three other officers. We had received information that a high-risk felon was spending the night with his girlfriend. We had a warrant for his arrest. He was extremely dangerous and known to keep a large machete-like knife close to him at all times. We needed to arrest the man that night or he would be gone at first light.

About 2:00 a.m. we awakened an employee from the city building department and obtained a copy of the house plans from the city records. Through surveillance of the house and its occupants, we discovered the suspect was asleep in the back bedroom. A couple of times through the night, his girlfriend would get up and go to the living room where her baby slept in a crib. She had to walk down the hall to get to the living room. To make the arrest and reduce the risk of any harm to the baby, a plan was devised that required accurate information, precise timing and pinpoint accuracy of execution.

Our arrest-rescue team was made up of five officers. My partner and I were assigned to make the arrest. Once the front door of the house was kicked in our assignment was to sprint past the baby in the crib and the girlfriend who was walking toward the living room. Another officer who followed us secured the baby while the fourth officer detained the girlfriend. Our supervisor was the last officer to enter and would coordinate the operation.

Our go-signal was to watch for the hall light to come on alerting us that the girlfriend was getting up and moving toward the living room. When the light came on we breached the front door. My partner and I were the first two officers through the door. We sprinted past the baby in the crib and the girlfriend who was still walking down the hall. On the run, we kicked open the bedroom door. At this point, the operation was only 3 seconds old.

The suspect had already awakened and was stretched out across the bed reaching for his knife. If you could have watched the event in slow motion, my partner and I would have appeared to launch ourselves airborne flying across the room and over the bed toward the suspect’s outstretched arm. In midair, I grabbed his wrist just as he was about to reach his knife. All three of us then tumbled to the floor where we finally subdued the suspect.

The officers who followed us into the house safely secured the baby and detained the woman without incident. The entire event was over in less than 10 seconds.  It took place without injury or death because we had detailed intelligence that allowed us to execute a safe arrest and rescue.

That arrest scenario is the nature of the prophetic insight God is about to release. This prophetic insight will contain unusual detail and plans for the rescue of families, cities, and nations held in the grip of bondage and deception. The detail contained in these words will be of such depth and insight that some of you may hesitate to release them because it will require that your faith goes out on a limb of unusual risk. Step through your initial hesitation and be faithful to speak what God has revealed. You will see God accomplish supernatural rescues executed with unimagined levels of accuracy and effectiveness.  God is coming to the rescue!


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