God to the Rescue

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

The rescue missions of God many times come when all hope seems lost. His rescues can be a surprise to those who have submitted to a life of imprisonment in a place of despair. 

The rescues of God are similar to what a prisoner held in a dark cell in a foreign land might experience who was assumed dead and forgotten. In the middle of the night of their rescue, shouts of a tactical team begin to echo off stone walls, followed by the light beams of searching flashlights and the accurate gunfire of SEAL Team Six, who were dispatched in a covert act of deliverance. 

No matter how dark and past all hope a situation might appear, God always has a plan of rescue in place for those who call upon His name. Don’t let darkness and feelings of isolation diminish your faith. When a rescue mission of Heaven has been given the green light, it will not be stopped, no matter how impossible freedom might seem to those still living in a place of captivity.


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