God’s Prophetic Fire Hose

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We had a massive forest fire just north of our area. It has been contained and the remaining crews are in the mop-up stage. It was called the Milepost 97 Fire referring to milepost 97 on the I-5 freeway in Oregon. I read an article posted by a weather agency that stated the fire crews had just finished rolling up all the fire hose used to fight the fire. If all the hose sections were put together, it would stretch out for 39 miles. That is a lot of hose!

Reading about all the sections of hose made me think of how the gift of prophecy can work. Many times people try to attach value to a prophetic word by the amount of drama and uniqueness contained in its content and delivery. While that can be true at times, much of prophecy is not. The words we deliver are merely a section of a much broader word the Lord is laying out piece by piece to get to a specific person or place in time. When all the sections of a word are finally connected, the content of that word can be delivered to extinguish a work of hell that just a single, isolated word might not accomplish.

If you are feeling like the words God gives you lack a place on a glossy magazine cover or an invitation to prophesy from the platform at a prophetic conference, please take heart. God doesn’t see the delivery of prophetic words like we see them. He is only focused on who is available and willing to speak in His name no matter if its one section of the prophetic hose or the whole thing. 

Remain faithful in what God asks you to speak no matter how large or small. If you are willing to be that kind of prophetic servant, you will find Him sending you into cultural hot zones to be part of a larger effort whose mission is to prevent death and destruction. The Lord will do this because He can trust you to connect your section of prophetic hose to the flow of the larger word He wants to deliver. 


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