It has been a week since the time change when we were asked to “spring forward” advancing our clocks an hour. I actually like this time of year when the evening light lingers in the sky announcing the coming of warm summer evenings.

This morning, I walked into our kitchen at o-dark-thirty and happened to notice the digital clock on our stove had not been changed. This was the first time this has ever happened to me – ever! Each year, I have a clock-changing ritual I go through to make sure I change all our clocks. 

When I passed by the stove and saw a wrong time being displayed on the clock, the Lord spoke.

“An adjustment is coming in your life. It is something only I can do. The area in your life that has seemed out of synch with your destiny and calling is about to come into alignment. What has lagged behind, I will now catch up in a moment of time. I was waiting for you to see this lagging element before I made the needed adjustment. I did not leave this adjustment uncorrected as a form of punishment. You needed to see the issue first before I make this adjustment. Your ability to see is an act of faith that has released Me to do this work for you. Once this adjustment is accomplished, each area of your life will now align to reflect my heart and will in Spirit-led unison. You are coming into a season of divine sequencing where each area of your life will now begin to move in harmony with Heaven.”


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